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Josh and Mandy Shaarda, along with their children Lydia, Grace, and Luka, are missionaries we support.  They work in Soroti, Uganda.  Josh teaches at a Bible College for Ugandan ministers and  travels to villages to teach. He also works with a group of blind people, helping facilitate the learning of skills to provide for themselves (such as planting and caring for an orchard and knitting.)  Josh reports that knit caps and sweater vests are a hit in Uganda when the temperature drops to a cold 70 degrees!  
   While Mandy is busy caring for three young children, she also teaches a Bible study to girls each week.
   Josh and Mandy keep up a blog filled with pictures and stories of both good times and struggles.  If you would like to learn more about them and their ministry, go to http://www.shaarda.blogspot.com/.